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There are many things to consider when buying your electric scooter. To help our riders we have put together some Top Tips on what to look out for. Personal preference is often a core factor and your weight and requirements will often influence what you need. 
The eGo-X7 Urban Model is designed to suit the urban rider that needs a model that can be driven in the city and off-road during their commute with a weight up to 100kg. 
We found it to be  
a more affordable model which still has the impressive features 
that the top price models have. 

Quality of ride 

Many riders experience that their electric scooters are only comfortable riding on smooth surfaces or on short journeys because there is poor ride quality. This should not be the case and it is important that you make sure that you have three important features: 1) Wheel size should be 8 inches diameter or more otherwise this can give a bumpy ride 2) Solid or air filled tyres – we recommend air filled tyres with puncture prevention fluid for the urban and off-road commuter as they give a much smoother ride than solid filled 3) Suspension – an e-scooter that already has air filled tyres more than 8 inches diameter without suspension will give a smoother quality ride so another reason to get vacuum tyres and not solid. 


Safety always comes first for us and our riders at eGo Urban and so it is imperative you consider the braking system on your e-scooter. There are three types of brakes you should consider: 1) Electric brakes which are known to be less effective at stopping and we do not recommend these 2) Disc and Drum brakes – although they need to be regularly serviced, they are the highest in terms of safety 3) Foot brakes – that are operated from pushing on the back wheel and often used in combination with disc or drum brakes, for added safety reassurance.  
The eGo-X7 has both disc and foot breaks giving you extra reassurance. 


Your rider weight and the motor power will impact your speed. Most manufacturers will quote speed on an average person of 70-80kg using a flat surface. The hill gradient and rider weight will impact speed – look out for scooters, like the eGo-X7 - that have 3 speed settings ideal for different rider levels. 


it is important to note that some e-scooters simply have reflectors and you should be looking out for LED front and back lights, like in the X7 model to ensure safety. 

IP54 waterproof 

Look out for the waterproof level. Having a battery in the handle bar frame rather than at the base of the scooter provides greater water protection 

Detachable battery 

Having the battery that is easily removable allows for a much more convenient charge and one that is in the handle bar we find is more protective from water splash compared to when the battery is located in the footrest section. The X7 model has been designed for this purpose. 

Build quality 

Aluminium light weight frames are corrosion friendly and also allow e-scooters to be more portable. 


You should always look at the range of your manufacturer product and ensure that you have a battery charge that allows you to constantly use your e-scooter 


We only work with established manufacturers that we have carefully assessed and act as a UK supplier for them. Some manufacturers will not offer this so you must be careful whom you purchase from. 

Folding mechanism 

The folding down size and the 2-click fold version is something to look out for. 


Most e-scooters in the market weigh around 15kg making it hard to carry. Lighter e-scooters for city purposes tend to be around 12.5kg, like the X7. 

Weight load 

Most scooters are also designed to carry a weight of around 100kg but it is important you check this for each e-scooter as it can vary by manufacturer. 
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