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We have put together a selection of common questions and answers that new and existing customers frequently ask us. If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone or email. 

General questions 

eGo Urban Limited is a UK registered company (company number 12634647) supplying UK and European countries only. We ship all our scooters from the UK or Italy directly, giving you peace of mind on warranties on all our electric scooters. 
You can find all our details on the contact page 
Email us at info@egourban.com and we will aim to get back to you within a 24 hour period 
No, we currently do not offer this facility 
Legislation across countries is different and we advise you to check the legal position to ensure you comply. We also advise all our riders to wear helmets at all times. 
UK legislation – e-scooters are currently not legal on roads and pavements and only legal on private grounds with permission. There may be fines if you do not abide with these laws. However Grant Shapps, Transport Minister for the UK, announced in May 2020 in response to the Coronavirus pandemic that electric scooter trials will be fast tracked with the need to find different transport solutions. eGo Urban is staying on top of these exciting legislative changes and we will keep you updated in real time as these amend. 
In Italy, e-scooters are already legalised, as in many European countries. The infrastructure and government subsidies allows people living in centres of more than 50,000 not only to have a subsidy of up to 60% on their purchase of their new e-scooter but supports the legal usage of such vehicles as a proper mode of transport within the city – providing clear and legal lanes for such electric scooters. 
No, you are not required to have a driver’s licence or learners permit in order to use an electric scooter 
No, insurance is not required to ride an electric scooter. 
We hold stock for quick delivery in Europe. If product is not in stock you can pre-order items. Please email us at info@egourban.com and we will ensure we communicate when stock dates are released and let you know when we will ship this to you. If you would like a refund at any point before this is shipped please email us and we can assist. 

Product Questions 

Air filled tyres are lighter and the lowered rolling resistance improves rider comfort compared to solid tyres. Whilst solid tyres have less punctures, the air filled tyres can have puncture fluid inserted into them giving the benefit of a smoother ride and comfort on less punctures. Tyres should be replaced when the tread pattern is worn to ensure a good grip. 
Rider weight can vary according to each e-scooter so we recommend you check your product. The maximum rider weight for the eGo-X7 is up to 100kg
This is provided in both Italian and English, dependent on your country of purchase 
It is advisable not to use the e-scooter in heavy rain conditions and the battery waterproof levels will vary according to manufacturer levels. The eGo-X7 model has undergone battery waterproof testing and has a waterproof certificate level of IP54, unlike many other models, which gives you comfort when needing to ride in the rain. Please note any fault caused due to misuse of the scooter including water ingress or external damage is not covered by this policy. Please ensure you read the manual in detail before using the electric scooter to avoid voiding your warranty. 
We offer full customer support. Any problems with your e-scooter please contact our customer services team. The battery has a 6-month warranty and the e-scooter 12-month warranty. Please see our guidance terms on after sales policy on the website for full details. 
If your e-scooter arrives damaged or develops a manufacturing fault during normal use (as outlined in the manufacturer’s manual) within 14 days of you receiving it you are entitled to a repair, replacement or refund. To initiate this process please contact us at info@egourban.com. Following an initial phone based assessment we will discuss the best option with you. 
If your scooter develops a fault through normal use (As outlined in the manufacturer’s manual) after the initial 14-days period you may still be entitled to have your scooter repaired at no cost to yourself. We will assess the fault via phone and email to confirm that the scooter we supplied was defective before agreeing to provide a free repair. Please email us on info@egourban.com and we will support you through the next steps, which may include facilitating a repair or replacement via the manufacturer, under their warranty terms as provided. 
When storing your scooter it should be kept in a dry place and if you are not using the scooter on a regular basis you should charge it every 3-months. Do not charge your scooter near where you sleep at night. 
Battery charge will vary according to e-scooter models. The eGo-X7 battery charge is 2-3 hours 
The eGo-X7 allows you to purchase an extra battery to have for convenience - please see our spare parts page 
We recommend purchasing the prevention fluid (which you can purchase in our accessories page) to prevent the risk of punctures. They can occur and if this happens you can get this fixed in a normal bike repair shop. We also offer replacement tyres which you can purchase direct through our spare parts page. 
eGo Urban only sell official products that are covered by a manufacturers warranty with certification for UK and Europe. The eGo-X7 model has a battery warranty of 6-months and a scooter manufacturer warranty of 12-months (please see manual for full details) 

Delivery questions 

We deliver to UK and Europe but we do not deliver outside of these areas 
For available stock we can provide next day delivery for an extra postage cost or standard delivery times. 
On purchase of a scooter or additional accessories the delivery charge will be shown based on delivery location and volume 
We hold manufacture stock in Europe and so we can provide quick delivery and we have the guarantee on warranty and delivery lead times directly. E-Scooters can be tested out before purchase in our warehouse in Rovigo, Italy. 

Payment & cancellation questions 

eGo Urban accept a wide range of payment methods including PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not offer finance credit. 
If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us immediately via our email address info@egourban.com. Please include your order number when contacting us. If your order has not left the warehouse we should be able to stop it shipping and issue you a refund immediately. If your order is in transit, or has already been delivered, you will need to arrange a return with us. Please see section on terms and service on the website for more information. Please note when returning a product, it must be returned in ‘as new’ condition, with all components included in their original packaging. There will be a charge for return. 
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